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You already know how much I adore cooking beans. Right?

Not the Bourban Bacon concoction.

Dry beans.  For me it is about the process.

Protein, fiber, and endless varieties~

Switch up vegetables, herbs and spices, water or stocks

to enhance the depth of flavors.


Snowcap Beans have a distinctive white half or cap.

The other half is sort of off white with burgandy spots and streaks.

Beans tomorrow?  Soak tonight.

Drain the soaking water; then add to a large pot with








A white onion studded with cloves

Fresh thyme

Celery heart

Two giant cloves of garlic

Two bay leaves

One teaspoon dry epazote

I became fascinated with this herb.

After covering the beans with water, simmer them for 1-2 hours.

The freshness of the bean determines the cooking time.








When 4 or 5 beans from different parts of the pot are tender, add salt to taste.

Uncover the pot and simmer until the liquid is reduced.








Discard the vegetables, herb, and spice remnants.

This bean retains the creamy white side...















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