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On that Friday, before I admitted I was ill, my friend Martha (who used to live here), and I lunched at Mozza, where Mario Batali’s unapologetic cutting edge playlist descends foremost; received either like a raised brow frown or a high beam grin.  Next, aroma and hospitality glide you to your table and time rests for a while, in the manner of fine dining or spontaneous respite and virtuous sourced food shaped by gifted hands ought to.  Although we didn’t eat much, we splurged on ultra-special antipasti with abandon—our conversation and connection never missing a high or low note after nine years!

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Spring Peas Salad with Mint and Cacio de Roma cheese; a young, tangy, semi-soft Italian sheep’s cheese.

20160520_120722 (2)

20160520_120358 (2)

20160520_120635 (2)

20160520_120339 (2)

Creamy, oozy Buratta, imported from Puglia--with chunks of rustic bread elevated with Maldon Salt


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  1. 5-31-2016

    Yes, it was! Thank you, Coco, for the wonderful visit over truly amazing food.

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