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On an evening last November, our friend, son’s Boy Scout leader, and former mayor of Newport Beach received an award of his own, recognizing, honoring and celebrating his elite status, and professional civic achievements.

Don contacted us while he was reviewing service records and compiling remarks for the prestigious event reception.  An incomplete worksheet for an Eagle candidate appeared where two older brothers had completed their ranks years before.  In April of 1995, that candidate was close to completing his own Eagle badges and submitted requirements to Don, his scoutmaster, and petition for final project approval.  Then, just six days short of his 15th birthday, that candidate, Gray Lunde collapsed at a water polo practice and later died.

At that time, Don contacted the Boy Scouts of America and diligently attempted to recognize Gray for his accomplishments—without success. In our aching and significant grief, that memory faded.

Now twenty years later, Don’s second effort honored our noble son, Gray, as the newly created Spirit of the Eagle Award was graciously given to our family as a salute and tribute.

Sharing this with you on Good Friday seems right; placing a consummate bookend on an everlasting shelf—finished.

G Black (3)

Our gratitude is immeasurable.


Our son, Cole accepted the award.

Winston Churchill had planned his funeral, which took place in Saint Paul's Cathedral.  He included many of the great hymns of the church and used the eloquent Anglican liturgy.  At his direction, a bugler, positioned high in the dome of Saint Paul's, intoned, after the benediction, the sound of "Taps", the universal signal that says the day is over.

But then came the most dramatic turn: as Churchill instructed, as soon as "Taps" was finished, another bugler, placed on the other side of the great dome, played the notes of "Reveille" -- "It's time to get up.  It's time to get up.  It's time to get up in the morning."

That was Churchill's testimony that at the end of history, the last note will not be "Taps"; it will be "Reveille".

The worst things are never the last things.

-- John Claypool


  1. 3-25-2016

    What a great tribute to Gray. Coco, your life, your faith, your words will continue to inspire me for the rest of my days.

  2. 3-25-2016

    Ah, Thank you, Martha, aka Sally Fields 🙂 Can’t wait to see you in May!

  3. 3-25-2016

    What a wonderful tribute to Gray, with Cole accepting the Award! God Bless the whole Lunde Clan on Good Friday and Always!!!

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