The World is Your Oyster

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So hey, MP and I zigzagged through the Saturday morning farmers’ market assaulted by crazy heat, mishandled carts, and wonky shoppers lollygagging in troupes.  Vendors rapidly replenished mounds of fine stone fruits, figs, squashes, green beans, peppers and brilliant heirloom tomatoes; peak August bounty.



Reining myself in from Dragon Fruit—hoping to stick to a loose plan guided by our path led me to a box of dark burgundy wrinkled fruit (I assumed), the general size and shape of a lime. Picking several up, one at a time, and rolling each around offered me no additional clues; except some seemed heavier and others, rather hollow.

Simply because he looked cheffy, I turned up to a focused young man sorting through gnarly turmeric roots and said, “What are these?”

20150831_085757 (3)

Jumping in with full knowledge and eagerness to share, the curly haired blue-eyed cook demonstrated how to choose passion fruit, slice and scoop flesh for proper sauces.   The pesky wrinkles don’t matter much (music to my aging ears) but, heavier fruit is fuller and ripe with lush flesh. Not knowing what the heck I would say to appear creative, I mentioned that maybe it would emulsify a vinaigrette.  I chose two dark hued slightly withered beauties and a bag of zesty shishito peppers for a pizza.

20150829_134325 (4)

Later that day, I rinsed a passion fruit and sawed it in half with a serrated knife as instructed.  With my audible surprise, which I never imagined, the pod opened and released a full on exotic fragrance dripping of sweet floral, honey-ness; filling the too hot kitchen with a heady note I knew –but from not where.  Certainly this ripe, dense flesh would replace Dijon.

20150829_172950 (2)

With a pinch of salt, a turn of pepper and a spoon of red wine vinegar and olive oil, Passion Fruit Vinaigrette was nobly birthed. Or so it seemed.

20150829_191225 (2)

Our salad platter included peppery wild arugula tossed with my conception and shards of Parmesan cheese.  Hmmm… the flavor and subtle fragrance were enchanting, but little did I expect the little dark seeds would crunch like gravel in our mouths!  Denied by one pod; I intend to stay in my lane, use a pulverizing mini prep and begin again.  Or, suck it out like an oyster!



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    Looks beautiful and healthy! Love it!

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