These are the Days to Remember

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family 252

--circa 1985 (omg)

Living on this corner began in the spring of 1974.  Ty, a towheaded toddler, and his parents were fresh, youthful faces on a street of mostly older couples with practically no children in sight.

However it happened, MP and I are the aging long-standing folks reminiscing about our crazy-busy boy family: bygone days.


Happily, we encountered our around-the-block neighbors when the Kensey family walked their robust Carin Terrier, Stevie, passing our house.


Then, along came baby bumps followed by precious duo daughters, Kate, and Lauren.


MP’s bubble ministry may have begun in ancient Egypt; nevertheless, when the wind behaves, bubbles continue to come out to play in the breeze when daylight extends and unhurried evening promenades pick up where they left off.


Over these last few years, road worthy strollers became riding toys; pink tasseled trikes and bikes with training wheels are rolling down the street these days-- and during brief stopovers, we tend to swap garden stories, trade seeds, veggie bounties’, and blooms with this lovable family.



Imagine how amazing it was waking up to a note from Jason on a Monday morning past.

Notice our lovely centerpiece. Thank you. 🙂


I took this picture to show off the centerpiece, but I also like it because it shows what a morning is like at our house. Lisa doing hair, her healthy smoothie waiting for her, girls eating "porridge" that I make with 10 different beans and grains with other stuff I sneak in, artwork on the "display wall" behind Lauren, Kate's school VIP poster behind her, trampoline visible outside to get them tired, red chairs outside that we never make the time to sit in, Lauren drinking her "milkie" absorbing everything going on. The shot is taken from my usual vantage point... in front of the kitchen sink.



Oh, those glistening bubbles proudly float away like puffy white dandelion seeds carried off by a breath.





  1. 4-1-2016

    What a nicely done blog. 🙂

  2. 4-3-2016

    I’m a couple days late reading this, as usual, but love the 1985 photo (We met you not long afterward) and the lovely progression of neighborly involvement. Bless you for the way you touch others’ lives.


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