To Mexico, No Rush. Guest blogger

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To Mexico, No Rush.  Guest blogger

MP is a morning person.  I am not.

“Dracula is a morning person compared to me.”
― Kim Dallmeier

The pleasure received is the pure quiet that begins his day.  Reading the newspaper inside out has always been a genetic passion.  One thing I did not know is that it includes the –LIFEFOOD section.








On Saturday morning he cajoled me to going to the early market.

It was








Too, too























Sunday has become his day to cook...

Mr. Hunter Gatherer wrote to the Food Editor.


After reading your article “To Mexico, No Rush”, I was inspired to make the Chile Verde Pork in Green Chili Salsa.

Last year I took one of your favorite chefs, Alessandro Pirozzi wild boar hunting in Paso Robles.



The picture of Alessandro shows the 300 pound “mega sow” I harvested on the hunt near Paso Robles on a large cattle ranch. One big shoulder roast produced the meat for the recipe.



My wife, Peggy and I went to the Saturday morning farmers’ market at UCI and purchased all the peppers for the recipe.








On Sunday afternoon I prepared the recipe and left it simmering in a seven quart Le Creuset Dutch oven on our vintage Wolf range.








We left for church at 3:15 and returned home at 5:30 to a house with an amazing south of the border aroma.

The Wild Boar Chile Verde was tender, fragrant, and delicious with a depth of flavor only fresh peppers and tomatillos could impart.








Thanks Deborah! Thanks Cathy!

I’m going to try this recipe with some alfalfa fed venison and will let you know how it turns out.





  1. 9-4-2012

    This sounds delicious, scrumptuous and divine! Ahhh, if only I had a shoulder of wild boar. Alas, some market pork shoulder will have to do. Nice job MP!

    • 9-4-2012

      Some day Mr. Tom will have to pick up a fire stick and harvest a boar for the Hamilton family. MP will be his guide.

  2. 9-4-2012

    Funny thing is this Lunde cut out and saved the same recipe. Genetics hmmm…

  3. 10-9-2012

    Hi Coco and Bob:

    Almost deer season back here in MN and WI. Any recipes for my friends and family to use with their venison.

    • 10-16-2012

      …Jim, I have some good ones coming your way!

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