Tomatoes Two Ways

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It happens every year.  There is a ‘last call’ for summer fare, like berries, vine ripened tomatoes, gazpacho, and miniature vegetables.  Foodies look to apples and squashes for overnight marketplace inspiration by the first day of autumn--not so much in our neck of the woods (or desert, or coast).  We, Cali cooks long for apples, pears, heirloom squashes, risotto, and pumpkins too; but then summer extends like wind blowing wherever it pleases.  If you are hungry for more summer tomatoes and light salads showing-off autumn hues, this tasty Tomato Salad with Camembert Fondue announces unhurried passage.











It requires forward planning but ingredients are few.








Prepare plum tomatoes by scoring a small X on the bottom.








Blanch until skins loosen;








douse in an ice bath








and peel.








Roast tomatoes with olive oil and thyme until soft.








This can be done ahead—which I did.








A few dried mushrooms promised broth,















that combined with cheese (I used baby Brie rounds from Trader Joes), create the ‘fondue’.








While the recipe calls for making large croutons, I had another idea.  I toasted slices of rosemary bread and then scraped garlic and tomato onto tops--sandpaper style.

Pour warm fondue into a rimmed bowl; place a slice of tomato-garlic toast in the center.  Top with wedges of heirloom and roasted tomato.  Garnish with basil, chives, and sea salt.








Garlicky toast soaked with rich warm earthy fondue, piled with tomatoes two ways; ushers us to our patio.







...of course there is Mac and Cheese for our guest!


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