Waynefish Tacos

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Waynefish Tacos

MP and I received a gift of Dorado (also known as Mahi- Mahi) from Wayne, a fisherman who sits near us at church.  The sweet and substantial fish was caught off the coast of Baja.

Fish tacos came to mind after I discovered these baby cabbages and spring onions at the Farmers' market yesterday.







I make a fiery spice mix that I use to zest up a myriad of  dishes.









After lightly dusting the fish fillets







with a seasoned flour mixture








I simply browned them until they became tender, flaky and moist.








Sauteed red peppers and sliced onions.








Crispy and creamy slaw with cilantro and lime.









Happy, Happy Baja Fish Taco Night!

Daphne Oz -- inspired

Thank you Wayne!





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  1. 4-22-2013

    Wow this is so yummy thanks Peggy!!

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