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Grief is palpable; far away, a national shared loss, nearer to home, and down the street too-- where vacationers obliviously open Coppertone memories, as they should.

Over twenty years ago, we buried our son on his fifteenth birthday and at one precise moment our world shattered; chronicled with unsurpassed love that trickled into a bag I packed and stowed in the overhead for a lonely trip.

The truth is loss has no rules and it cannot be fixed; it’s terrible, tolerable, unpredictable, and you can’t make the person stop being dead.

Somehow, by tapping into the truth of God’s love; keeping my eyes wide open for ‘notes of grace’ my utmost is propped up when days overwhelm me once more.

Unsurprisingly, life moments have filled me; searching for ways to serve and bless others, becomes a direct link to His healing presence.

Forever changed; I am still a cracked pot—an amputee of sorts-- limping, leaning like an old barn, laughing, chasing then, catching floating bubbles of gladness; yet in my humanity I complain about my hair.

I don’t know your sadness or hurt, but we each own an edifying God-given bit to share, to give without any words.  Be there.


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    A beautiful piece full of grace Peggy. Your words are eloquent.

  3. 6-16-2016

    Beautifully spoken Coco! Thank you for this heartfelt post.

  4. 6-17-2016

    Such a heartfelt message to us all. Everyone has a truly life event in their lives…I sure do. God is also my strength & comforter. Keeping compassion at the forefront of my life, allows me to have a glad & happy life. Thank you for sharing this message, straight from your heart. Much love to you, Bob & your family.

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