White on White Please

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White on White Please

The conversation began with Izzy on a good day.  By good; I mean to say for each question I asked she solemnly submitted the same answer from the backseat.












We were in the car on our way to gymnastics a week or so before her 9th birthday. We left the car crossed the street and made our way to the community center where the other petite pony-tailed girls lingered with moms or dads.

I tried again; with a new inquiry.

“Izzy, I get to make your birthday cake for our family party this year.”

She looked up at me.  I saw the options floating around on her thoughtful sweet face.

The doors were about to open to the glittering black leotards.  I pressed on.

“What would you like me to make?” I asked.

Before she floated away to practice diving cartwheels and roundoffs, she placed her order.

White cake.

White icing.



I suggested cupcakes since decorating a whole cake is always a freeform crooked affair for me.

“No thank you,” she offered nothing more.

“Iz, you love strawberries how about sliced berries in the center?” I suggested.

“Maybe on the side,” she tittered.








It was divine.

Angel light.


A crown of pink peaks to pluck off one by one...








Vanilla Birthday Cake with Old-fashioned Vanilla Buttercream


--adapted from ONCE UPON A chef

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  1. 6-22-2013

    Quite a unique—-and absolutely darling—little person.

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