Winter Garden

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As January ends we always get a little warm weather and nights remain chilly.











I am amazed at the few things that hang on...











Red Lion Amaryllis saving herself for January (Lioness)








One climbing rose.








Cymbidium or Boat Orchid.  Who knew?








Please come pick our grapefruit








but not the Meyer Lemons.








Nectarine blossoms








Hydrangea in bud break








Daffodils making a pre spring show always make me happy.








MP's Spring Pea Pods








Basil from seed.








Volunteer Lettuces taste pretty good!

Two more recipes for your Daniel Fast Finish.








Vintage Vegetable Chili








A throwback from my 70's fare.









Cauliflower and Chickpea Stew with Fragrant Quinoa


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