Women Warriors

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2015-05-22 07.00.55

My heart is full and eyes are heavy.

A well-defined mom worksheet, timetable, teen driver, electronics, stamina, flexibility, carpool, sense of humor; pillow, pencil, and a phone have outfitted my tenacious tool belt for the last week.

I shifted life to Surf City watching over

2015-05-18 17.42.31


2015-05-19 15.00.02


2015-05-19 07.49.03


and  a gluten-free designer dog

(I know this because he ate a whole Banana Mini Chocolate Chip Cake).

The parents were in Chicago.

Midnight oil burned.

Belll Costume 4

One assignment included a paper documenting historical Effects of 911. Maddy was three years old; we were making pancakes before her first day of preschool.  She remembers seeing the buildings come down on television.  Today, I reflected over her 2500 words, laying out 911 consequences on Americans’ emotions, our economy, all aviation, and psyche of citizens, environmental impacts’, government, foreign policy, and the military.


We are remembering heroes this Memorial Day-- forging on; full hearts and bright eyes.





  1. 5-22-2015

    You are seriously the BEST ever grandmother!

  2. 5-23-2015

    Precious. I remember when Maddy looked like the little girl in the yellow dress. Coco, thanks so much for sharing the pics. Go get ’em, wonderful grandmother!!!

  3. 6-3-2015

    Ohhh, how did I miss this post!?! Little Maddy—almost 17…
    You’ve played an important role in their lives and they are 3 adorable girls/young women/warrior chicks!

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