Wood-fired Pizza and Karaoke on the Lake

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Wood-fired Pizza and Karaoke on the Lake

Finley Point Grill, on the East Shore of Flathead Lake hosts Karaoke every Wednesday night.  Folks show up in the bitter cold of long Montana winters and now-- when the big doors open to the late summer nights.








After devouring wood fired pizzas from my brother’s outdoor oven that Wednesday; we headed to mile marker 6-- zip line distance from his home above the lake.











Locals arrive early to choose and rehearse tunes, work the crowd, gossip, and quietly bounce ideas around like deliberating dissidents’.











One by one the regulars swaggered and sang through the evening.






Out from behind the bar; two talented girls took a break from serving up liquid courage specials to perform a duet of sorts.

I climbed out from under my rock to see these darlings sing, slap, and clap a duet of  The Cup Song adapted from the film, Pitch Perfect.

What a hoot and what an accomplishment!



Lunde girl power swept over me again—

I see them.

Uh-huh, Uh huh.



Two days later MP and I were home.

The swirl of end of school; summer’s comin’ parties and swim practice left the little Lunde’s scattered.  Izzy needed a place to land from 5:30 to 8 pm.

In the car

“Izzy, I asked with amazement, Have you heard of the Cup Song?”

She began clapping her hands; slapping her thighs and tossing her pony-tail.

“I got my ticket for the long way round

Two bottles of whiskey for the way

And I sure would like some sweet company

And I’m leaving tomorrow, what  do you say”

5:30 til' 8








Enjoy your summer!

Click on the youtube link below and laugh with us...

bloopers included

MP edited


xo coco


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  1. 6-27-2013

    I watched Pitch Perfect with my granddaughters last week…great movie…we ALL loved The Cup Song!!!

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